Upcoming Photo Exhibition


Fourteen women from different places all around the world have come together for the film project “Regie für mein Leben übernehmen – Geschichten gestrandeter Heldinnen” (“Taking control of my life – stories of stranded heroines”, although this translation misses the double meaning of “Regie übernehmen”, which means both “to take control” and “to direct a film”).

Faced with all kinds of challenges that migration (in some of the participants’ cases as refugees) brings with it, these women created the film Das Mädchen und der Löwe (The Girl and the Lion) in attempt to creatively overcome these challenges in an environment of solidarity.

I was kindly invited to photograph the participants of this workshop. The fourteen photos will be part of the exhibition that not only presents the film, but also the props, storyboards and other artefacts that document the process of creating the film.

The vernissage of the exhibition and the film premiere will take place at the Stadtmuseum Tübingen on March 9 at 6 pm. Admittance is free.

For more information, please visit the exhibition venue’s website.

Let us grow up here! Children during a demonstration against administrative removal

“Laissez-nous grandir ici!” or “Let us grow up here!” is the demand of these children, menaced by what is called administrative removal.

This picture has won the “ART against Racism” award 2007, granted by the association People to People International, and has subsequently been shown at expositions in Berlin, Warsaw and Plovdiv.